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Location: Ifari (2827 m)      by: Christophe Bernard
Area: Georgia      Date: 09/08/2014
View of North Caucasus.
Adishi glacier, coming from Mt Gistola (4860m)
On the far right, Mt Djangha (5051m) and Shkhara (5150m), inside clouds.
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Très intéressant. Peut-être un peu trop de rouge dans les nuages. Salutations Wilfried
2014/10/03 11:33 , Wilfried Malz
It would be interesting to see further views from the region, especially the towers of Mestia.
KR, Alberto.
2014/10/03 12:50 , Pedrotti Alberto
Das habe ich übersehen, stark!
2015/05/31 14:56 , Christian Hönig

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Christophe Bernard

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