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1 Yuzhno Chuiskij Khrebet
2 Siberia
3 Border MNG-RUS
4 Malchin, 4028
5 Tsagaan Gol valley
6 Base camp, 3150
7 Potanina glacier
8 Alexandroff glacier
9 Burged, 4068
10 Naran, 3885
11 Huiten, 4271


Location: Malchin ESE ridge (3740 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 21-08-2011
This is a companion to my «Late Malchin» 9888 panorama.
It was shot few minutes later, while descending from the mountain at 07.40 pm.
After a rainy afternoon, that evening the sky was quickly returning to the standards that one expects in Mongolia, the "land of eternal blue sky" (möngke tengri). In illusory return, however, since in my next climb, the day after, I was going to be caught even by a snowstorm.

Now the GPS track of the ascent is also available
It was recorded two days after, in a further ascent, with weather again good.

11 vertical images, Canon G9, 35 mm equiv, 1/400 sec, f/7.1

A neary 100 MP version is on


Don't know about the history, but this looks great to me!
2014/08/14 23:14 , Wolfgang Schmähling
Geniale Komposition und ein mächtiges Eismeer!
2014/08/16 23:06 , Peter Brandt
Works in slow progress...
Now fixed also this panorama, with text, labels and directions.
Thanks to all those who have voted and commented in advance.

Wolfgang: the history is indeed very simple, it is sufficient to know that the name of the mountain means «shepherd».
2014/09/03 11:04 , Pedrotti Alberto
Your sheperd story is legendary - I remember it well!
Herzlichst Christoph
2014/09/03 11:34 , Christoph Seger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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