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Location: Killbear (150 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Canada      Date: 20-Jun-2014
Camping Weekend at "old favourite" Killbear Provincial Park in late June. - Before the place gets really busy during summer peak season.

= Easier conditions to capture a panorama, including my first full spherical/Kugelpanorama of this location.

Kugelpano ~65 portrait shaped captures with Canon G1X at 28mm equivalent.
Fuer diese Version davon nur 30 Bilder (zweireihig)

DPP > PTGui > Irfanview & Gimp

Dasselbe Panorama als interaktives Kugelpanorama auf 360cities:
The same full spherical panorama in interactive mode at 360cities:,-6.40,80.0


Licht und Farben dieser Szene gefallen mir ausgesprochen gut. Auch deine 360° Version bringt dies sehr schön rüber. Den Untergrund darf man dabei durchaus als Nadir-freundlich bezeichnen :-)
2014/07/07 17:57 , Werner Schelberger
Ein Ehrenplatz... 
...für die schwergeprüften Bäume!
Halbgeknickt, die Spuren vom letzten Winter?
Gruss Walter
2014/07/07 20:52 , Walter Schmidt
Very windswept - I imagine that at least for the tree on the left you made an exception toe the "Zweireihigkeit" of the whole!

Seems interesting this 360cities... I had never visited it before, due to its horrible name. Is it lengthy to publish there?
Cheers, Alberto.
2014/07/08 14:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
Hier kann man sich gut vorstellen, wie der Wind pfeift! LG Fried
2014/07/08 16:13 , Friedemann Dittrich
When I first saw this windswept and iconic tree a few years ago, I wondered if it was part of the provincial park’s insured inventory (but I never found out).
I believe it is an Eastern White Pine, the same as most of the other trees on the panorama. White Pines are fairly common part of the continent and most of them are straight, even at in this particular location.
Searching pictures of ‘windswept pines’ on Google will yield many photos of this particular tree however. Even my old ‘Lonely Planet’ guidebook from the mid 1990s seems to have a picture of it.

@Walter, diese Baeume sehen schon lange so aus & zum Teil ist dieser ‘Nationalpark’ gerade dafuer bekannt.

@Alberto, publishing on 360cities isn’t difficult. A basic account (like mine) is free. After uploading a new pano it takes 1 to 3 days usually for it to become ‘be accepted’ and show up in the gallery. None of my full spherical panos were ever rejected, not even the ones captured without tripod. I don’t get a lot of traffic (views) there, but it doesn’t matter.
For a spherical pano, Nadir usually represents the biggest challenge and even more so if you are in the sun and there is shadow.
2014/07/08 17:37 , Augustin Werner
Thank you for the information.
It was only half-an-idea: mainly, for when one makes travel slideshows, having at disposal this curiosity of "immersive" panos could be a source of variety. But I don't know if it is worth to "lose" time on this.
Surely the nadir issue will never be a concern of mine: in the reality I am used to look around... good also to look down in order not to stumble, but photographing and retouching the rock or the asphalt where I stay, this seems to me an activity for when we will have seven lives - most likely, never!
Cheers, Alberto.
2014/07/10 14:26 , Pedrotti Alberto
Erinnert mich stark an eines der Sandsteinriffe im Elbsandsteingebirge!
2014/07/10 15:42 , Sebastian Becher
Ein Windflüchter wie aus dem Bilderbuch. LG Arno
2014/07/12 12:37 , Arno Bruckardt

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