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1 Walentkowy Wierch
3 Krivan
4 Niznia Magura Rycerowa
5 Wielka Wapienica
6 Posrednia Magura Rycerowa
7 Wielki Bok
9 Krzyzne Liptowskie
10 Wielka Magura Rycerowa
11 Dzumbier
13 Wielka Kopa Koprowa
14 Chopok
15 Wielka Garajowa Kopa
16 Zadnia Kopa
17 Bystra
18 Kamienista
20 Jarzabczy Wierch
21 Smreczynski Wierch
22 Starorobocianski Wierch
23 Hruba Kopa
24 Banowka
25 Tomanowy Wierch Polski
26 Pachol
27 Wolowiec
28 Spalona
29 Salatyn
30 Ornak
31 Tomanowa Przelecz
32 Brestowa
33 Krzesanica


Location: Swinicka Przelecz (2051 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 26.08.2005
Today all description in Polish Language (I choose to rule to myself - if photos taken form Poland - I use Polish names, if from Slovakia - Slovakian names). About Tatra Mountains - its divided to three parts: from east: Tatry Bielskie, Wysokie Tatry and Tatry Zachodnie. This panorama showing Tatry Zachodnie (Western Tatras), viewed from pass, very close to border between Wysokie and Zachodnie Tatry (Przelecz- Pass - Liliowe). Landscape of Tatry Zachodnie is different from Wysokie - peaks are more gentle, not too many naked rocks, mostly covered by mountain grass, only a few small glacial lakes. Its built by metamorphic rocks, and most nothern part - sedimentary rocks (limestones, dolomites) Tallest peak of this part is Bystra - 2248 m. The main ridge is a border between Poland and Slovakia. In the foreground group of peaks called - Liptowskie Kopy - relief looks like Western Tatras, but geographers being among them to Tatry Wysokie (for me its ridiculous)


Thank you very much for your clear words and the good description of a landscape to many for us as unknown as the Bolivian Anden or the Ural. Of course I see the "technical flaws" in the picture, but I think you know about them as well. Taken together ****
Herzlichst Christoph
2014/03/23 11:46 , Christoph Seger
Photos were taken almost 10 years ago, my beginnings of digital photography.
2014/03/26 15:42 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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