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1 Monte Rotondo, 2495m
2 Monte Mongioie, 2630m, 55Km
3 Cima della Brignola, 2472m
4 Cima Seirasso, 2436m
5 Cima delle Saline, 2612m
6 Castiglione Falletto
7 Mondole', 2382m
8 Punta Marguareis, 2651m
9 Bric Costa Rossa, 2404m
10 Novello
11 Monte Clapier, 3045m
12 Punta della Rua, 2779m
13 Barolo
14 Cima del Baus, 3067m
15 Cima Argentera, 3297m
16 Castello della Volta di Barolo
17 Asta Soprana, 2950m
18 Testa Claus, 2897 m
19 Monte Matto, 3097m
20 Rocca la Paur, 2972m


Location: Grinzane Cavour      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 22 February 2014
The Langhe is a hilly area to the south and east of the river Tanaro in Piedmont, northern Italy.
It is famous for its wines and truffles.
The pano shows the Maritime Alps in the background.

10 photos with tele 300 mm; f5; 1/500 sec.; with tripod.


Not only wine & food should be famous, but it's panoramas as well! Stunning Beauty! Ciao, Augustin
2014/02/24 04:40 , Augustin Werner
really well done!!
2014/02/24 21:36 , Michael Strasser
Grandiosa illustrazione del nome "Piemonte"!
Sono contento anche di vedere segnata la Testa Claus, splendida cima "negletta" che e' oggetto di un mio isolato panorama sull'altro sito.
2014/02/25 15:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
For me the mountains are looking very blue. But the scenery is great!
LG Jörg
2014/02/26 17:01 , Jörg Nitz
Scenic Italy and the mountains in perfect evening mood - very nice. Cheers, Martin
2014/03/01 17:21 , Martin Kraus
I should make this to one of my "all time favourits".
2014/03/09 19:46 , Christoph Seger
and it should be famous for the panoramas too. Perhaps a little bit to blue. Best regards Alexander
2017/11/17 20:51 , Alexander Von Mackensen

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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