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1 Knazova - 824 m
2 Bradlove Pasmo - 635 m
3 Kamenica
4 Sokolie pri Sarisskom Jastrabi
5 Beskydok - 729 m
6 Kyjov
7 Lysa hora - 814 m
8 Sokolia skala
9 Zubanec - 903 m
10 Mincol - 1157 m
11 Poloninky - 1078 m
12 Ostra - 950 m
13 Zamok - 725 m


Location: Kamenica (725 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 9.11.2008
Panorama from Zamok (slov - castle), small hill with ruins of old castle. Its situated near village Kamica. Form there we have nice view to small mountain range in Slovakian Carpathians - Cergov with tallest mountain here - Mincol. Area has interesting geological structure, most of mountains is build by sanstones, but somewhere is a piece of limestones, which create small, picturesque rocks.


Again, a remarkable subject. Beautiful colors, clear, sharp and interesting labels. But the alignment again doesn´t seem to be quite right. Especially on the left side the horizon rises.
2014/01/22 23:04 , Jörg Braukmann
To my mind, the horizon is not too bad, which can be seen at the houses of Kamenica. Apart from that I can appreciate a picture of a beautiful landscape without scrutinizing its absolute exactness in geometrical terms. KR Wilfried
2014/01/23 10:02 , Wilfried Malz
Konrad, your really great motifs of - for me - unknown landscapes I like very much. I think the biggest problem of your panos is the horizon. I think Christoph suggested once to straighten it by drag and drop in the fast preview. In my opinion this does not help. You have to put pairs of "horizontal" control points to several pictures (points with same altitude). I use the 0°-line of udeuschle.de to find out the correct positions for the control-points. After this you have to proceed the "optimization". If you will open the preview-window, you will see any changing of your panorama. Deselect the "automatic actualization" and actualize the preview after each step by clicking this mark.
LG Jörg
2014/01/25 12:09 , Jörg Nitz

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Konrad Sus


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