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1 Okraglik - border with Slovakia
2 Jaslo
4 Czerenina
5 Smerek
6 Wielka Rawka
7 Osadzki Wierch
8 Roh
9 Hasiakowa Skala
10 Mala Rawka
11 Jawornik
12 Dwernik Kamien
13 Polonina Carynska
16 Bukowe Berdo
17 Krzemien
18 Szeroki Wierch
19 Tarnica
20 Rozsypaniec
21 Kiczyk Bukowski
22 Polonyna Bukowska
24 Pliska - Ukraine
25 Opolonek - most southern point of Poland


Location: Wielka Rawka (1307 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 20.05.2011


Nice atmosphere and environment of a rarely photographed area. The horizon however appears to be dropping down to the right.
2014/01/13 20:42 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Unfortunately I have to agree with HJ. The horizon problems and sometimes the coarse grained appearance of you pictures keeps me too often from voting...
2014/01/14 08:51 , Christoph Seger
Actually I starting work with Hugin, I`m learning this program at the moment, that`s why panorama not quite correct. Maybe during the time I will try to improve my pictures.
2014/01/14 10:49 , Konrad Sus
Great that you use hugin, so I can comment: You have two preview windows, a more static one ("preview window") and an more interctive one ("fast preview window"). I prefer the "fast preview window", which allows you in the menu tab "Move/Drag" to correct the horizon of the panorama (usually) with ease. Try it out, I think you can solve the problem of your panorama with a few clicks.

For a help-text to the previewer see:

Herzlichst Christoph
2014/01/14 11:39 , Christoph Seger
to be added 
... I am using Hugin 2011 - it is necessary to state this, since there was a big layout change with hugin 2013. Which release do you use?
2014/01/14 20:18 , Christoph Seger
I downloaded version 2013 and still learning.
2014/01/15 15:16 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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