Le Château de Miolans et la Combe de Savoie   02696
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1 Château de Miolans
2 Le Grand Arc, 2484m
3 Vallée de la Maurienne (Arc)
4 Pic du Rognolet, 2659 m
5 Grand Pic de la Lauziere, 2829 m
6 Mont Fauge,
7 Ponte de Rognier, 2341m
8 Les Trois Dames, 2475m


Location: Miolans      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: France      Date: 6 January 2014
The Château de Miolans is a former fortress located in a remote area of Savoy between Italy and France. The site, which has been occupied since the fourth century AD, strategically controlled the route across the junction of the Isere and Arc rivers. The fortress was converted into a prison by the Counts of Savoy in the mid-16th century.
Among the celebrities detained there was also the Marquis de Sade, who, however, managed to escape.
At the foot of the castle lies the Combe de Savoie.


Giuseppe Marzulli

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