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1 Crnopac - East Welebit
2 Zrmanja River


Location: Obrovac (117 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Croatia      Date: 20.07.2013


Beautiful there. The lake seems to be connected with the sea. Is this fresh water?
2014/01/02 20:10 , Mentor Depret
what a colourful landscape - spectacular!
2014/01/02 21:01 , Michael Strasser
Water is clear and warm, its one of my favorite places in Croatia.
2014/01/04 08:44 , Konrad Sus
Fresh water plus Obrovac... whereas to my mind Obrovac is the translation of "thirst". In 2003, while pedalling down to Greece, at a certain point, while being a bit distracted, I suddenly saw... a ship close to my anterior wheel. What was happening? I was in Maslenica, the bridge had been destroyed during the war and never reconstructed, such that the asphalt ended, cut like a piece of cheese, over a precipice of maybe 100 metres depth. All this without any reasonable prior warning, only a bit of gravel strewn on the asphalt, which I had interpreted as a work made by rain rather than as a stop. Luckily the brakes did their work.
The only working bridge to Zadar was that or the motorway, where my bicycle was not allowed to ride: this forced my to a long detour to Obrovac; it was noon, and the temperatures in the interior were close to 40 degrees that summer. Don't remember how many bottles of water I emptied once in Zadar!
2014/02/02 15:29 , Pedrotti Alberto
I see, that you were in many places, which I visited. Its true, Croatian climate in summer is very hot. Last year I was close to Velebit, but the temperature discouraged me to walks in mountains.
2014/02/06 19:59 , Konrad Sus
Curiousy enough, an hour ago I was dining with a Swiss man and here where I am, under the Cerro Torre, we were speaking of... the Biokovo. Namely, he climbed it, while I had to leave it where it was in that summer of 40 degrees.
But I have the fixed idea to go once in winter on Velebit and Biokovo, in order to chase Fernsichts on the Italian Appennino.
Cheers, Alberto.
2014/02/07 04:20 , Pedrotti Alberto
As I know, the highest summit in Biokovo is reachable by car. The best option on hot summer day ;)
2014/02/13 17:41 , Konrad Sus

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