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1 Pilsko
2 Orawska Magura
3 Parac
4 Beskid Zywiecki
5 Babia Gora
6 Mincol
7 Kubinska Hola
8 Mala Fatra
9 Skorusina
10 Sip
11 Osobita
12 Zapadne Tatry
13 Prosiecne
14 Lomno
15 Chocske Vrchy
16 Velky Choc
17 Zadny Choc
18 Peckov
19 Nizke Tatry
20 Predny Cebrat
21 Magura
22 Rakytov
23 Velka Fatra
24 Cierny Kamien
25 Ploska
26 Ostredok


Location: Osnica (1363 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 3 VII 2005
It was one of my first panoramas ever made. Taken from trail - Osnica - Velky Rozsutec in Mala Fatra Mountains. Mala Fatra is very pictoresque ridge in Slovakian Carpathians. Highest peak Velky Krivan 1709 m, but most interesting is Velky Rosutec, unfortunalely not visible at this panorama. At my photos are many noises, it was almost first time with digital camera in my hand, but I want to upload it, because there`s no photo from this area at the moment.


beautiful nature there!
2013/12/01 21:33 , Mentor Depret
Thank you for posting this beautiful view. I love this landscape and how you do present it! 1.5 extra stars for showing!
2013/12/02 19:28 , Christoph Seger
Eine sehr informative Präsentation dieses wunderbaren Gebirges, daß auf meiner Wunschliste weit oben steht. LG Fried
2013/12/04 11:06 , Friedemann Dittrich
Tatra, Fatra, Matra... When cycling home from the Tatra, I crossed the Fatra a little more south: Banska Bystrica - Turcianske Teplice - Nitrianske Pravno. So I am double glad to see this view that I do not know.
2013/12/04 14:03 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Konrad Sus


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