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1 Clara Zetkin Peak - 6540 m
2 Vorobiova Peak - 5691 m
3 Hohlov Peak - 6640 m
4 Ismail Somoni Peak - 7495 m
5 Grand Plateau Pamir
6 Olympic Peak - 5816 m


Location: Ridge of Korjenevskaya Peak (6100 m)      by: Edoardo Martelli
Area: Tajikistan      Date: 13/08/2010
This picture, composed by 2 shots, was taken during my ascending to Korjenevskaya Peak; the tent is in the position of the so called "Camp 6100" on the ridge of the mountain that take to the summit belong the Normal Route. I was together with Mr. Sergey Penzov, the chief of the guides of Moskvina Base Camp located at the feet of the mountain, one of the most experienced mountaneer I never meet in my live. The day after this picture was taken, on 14th of August 2010, I reached the summit of Korjenevskaya Peak at 7105 m during a snow storm. Some days before, on the 8th of August 2010, Alberto Pedrotti during the same expedition, reached the summit too.


Yes, the wise man builds his house on the rock - or, at least, not far from it...
Edoardo: did you know this one?
2013/11/22 21:21 , Pedrotti Alberto
I watched some of your really amazing pictures on panoramio.
Here on this site you showed us images which for me look like cropped parts of one pic. I am not convinced that these are really "panoramas". In my view this is not enough for this site even I am wrong and they are stitched by more than one picture. Of course we have the pleasure to see very intresting motifs of other parts of the world. But I am looking forward to longer "panoramas" with other great motifs of your collection!
May be some participants will have an other view on that, especially the fans of adventure trips. For me the "panorama picture" is the main thing on this site.
LG Jörg
2013/11/23 00:12 , Jörg Nitz
Thank you Joerg for your comment. The pictures are composed by more than one shot (at least two). I'm new on this site, and personally I think that the word "Panorama" can have two meanings: long view as your, that means that the picture is "panoramic", but also that the view, not depending from the dimensions of the frame, is a great view and it is a Panorama as well. Probably we should combine the two aspects, and I will try to do my best also from technical point of view.
2013/11/23 01:58 , Edoardo Martelli
Thanks Alberto! No, I didn't! Thanks for your link! Edoardo
2013/11/23 01:59 , Edoardo Martelli
What a wonderful place ... and a wonderful comment Alberto - tanti saluti con "Matthew 7, 24-27"!!
2013/11/23 09:49 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
This is probably the highest camping site shown here on pp ;)
Too bad the view does not go further left or right.
2013/11/23 14:46 , Jens Vischer
Thank you Jens. You are right, but I took these pictures while I was walking on that snowy ridge, and unfortunately other shots I took don't match together.
I have to precise that probably the panorama of Alberto
was taken from a camp higher on the same ridge, at 6350 m, but no tents are showen...
He was a little bit more lucky than me with the weather!
2013/11/23 15:53 , Edoardo Martelli
Most of us - including myself and most likely also most of the commenting colleagues - could neither get up there nor walk around up there without getting in VERY serious troubles. Not to speak of taking pictures ...

Consequently I do not think that we should discuss in extend why this picture is so short (too short?) etc, etc.

I take it as what it is - an awesome photographic document taken in an incredible landscape.

Herzlichst Christoph
2013/11/23 16:10 , Christoph Seger
Edoardo, thanks a lot for your appreciative answer to my "hard" comment!

I absolutely do not agree with Christoph - this website is called "panorama-photo" and not "pictures of incredible landscapes". So I enjoy watching these "pictures" on panoramio but not here on this website.
LG Jörg
2013/11/23 16:26 , Jörg Nitz

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