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1 Sinjajevina
2 Umovi
3 Ruda glava
4 Tali
5 Kule
6 Stozac
7 Staracka Gradina
8 Debela Gora
9 Pocki Vrch
10 Zagradac
11 Lastva
12 Kapa Moracka
13 Stit
14 Velky Zebalac


Location: Mioska (400 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Serbia And Montenegro      Date: 10.07.2012


Probably you should exchange the coordinates. On this site you must reverse the order that you use in the rest of the (known) world!
2013/11/20 15:33 , Pedrotti Alberto
The Satellite map doesn`t work at this site, I fixed coordinates, using coordinate converter.
2013/11/20 16:30 , Konrad Sus
Very interesting point of view!! LG Hans-Jörg
2013/11/21 19:43 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Konrad, may I ask you where is the Moraca monastery with respect to the picture?
In August I missed this place for few kms, since from Kolasin (hidden behind the mountain left) I headed directly in direction Andrijevica.
I do not have a decent map of Montenegro. Nor do I understand why Freytag has published 1:200000 of Croatia, Bosnia (very detailed, although not error-free), Albania, and even a Kosovo 1:150000 (which actually is a 200000 simply magnified), but has left a hole on Montenegro.

P.S.: Freytag stays away.
The satellite map does not work.
Udeuschle conquers the southern hemisphere, but here he ignores the existence of a whole massif, as I showed once here and now on
What happens with Montenegro? Perhaps we should ask the NSA...
2013/11/24 17:40 , Pedrotti Alberto
Moraca Monastery is just by the road Kolasin - Podgorica, not visible at this panorama, here somwhere behind Mount Tali. This photo was taken from road connecting Durmitor and Moraca Valley. When I was in Montenegro, I used self - made map - from This road was the loneliest road I ever been in my life. In about 50 km where if saw maybe 10 houses.
2013/11/27 16:03 , Konrad Sus

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