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1 Maja e Bardh, 2425
2 Dobra Kolata / Kolata e Mirë, 2524
3 Djeravica, 2656
4 Zla Kolata / Kolata e Keq, 2534
5 Podi e Kollatës/ Ravna Kolata, 2556
6 Maja e Djarperit, 2213
7 Track to Cerem
8 New asphalt!!!
9 Maja Thathe, 2400
10 Maja Pecmares, 2461
11 Maja Hekurave, 2561
12 Maja Qet Harushes, 2422
13 Maja Ismet Sali Brucaj, 2527
14 Maja Gruk e Hapt, 2625
15 Maja e Madhe, 2530
16 End of Valbonë road
17 Maja Briaset, 2567
18 Maja Rogamit, 2482
19 Maja Popluks, 2569
20 Maja Jezercës, 2694
21 Maja e Kofacit, 2490
22 Liqeni i Mjelsave
23 Buni i Jezercës
24 Liqeni i Madh
25 Liqeni i Lohjanit
26 Maja Bojs, 2461
27 Yuzhni Karanfil, 2441
28 Veliki Karanfil, 2490
29 Severni Karanfil, 2460


Location: Maja Rosit (2516 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Albania      Date: 28-08-2013
This view from Maja Rosit / Rosni Vrh encompasses both N.13825 and N.13946. It has been shot few minutes before both of them.
Few hours after the upload of the present work (what a coincidence!), I received a mail from Ahmet Rekovic, of the Plav mountaineering club, in answer to a request for topographical help that I had sent him few days before. Namely, the identification of the summits was very difficult due to the unreliability of the Udeuschle data and the lack of serious cartography.
Now the labels up to Maja Rogamit are set according to the annotated version of of N.13825 which he sent me with incredible kindness.
So, the "cursed mountains" of the Prokletije will finally have reliable names - which, he guarantees, are hard to retrieve even for a local!
28 vertical images, 70 mm (x 1.5), 1/320 sec, f/8.

For interested people there are further resources, namely
- larger colour panorama:
- larger BW panorama:
- rendering vs. reality:
- an embedding 360°:
- the GPS track with the traverse that allowed me to climb Maja Jezerces and Maja Rosit in a single day:


Good work and for me - although I have never been there - an interesting topic.
2013/10/30 08:26 , Jens Vischer
Thank you for your interest.
With two trekkers that I met in situ during three August days, and one fan also here, the Prokletije (which is said to be the most impressive mountain group in Europe outside the Alps) confirms its magnetic attraction!
2013/10/30 14:06 , Pedrotti Alberto
Is there any reason why the snow in the more right part of the picture is so brown coloured? sand or air pollution?
2013/10/30 14:12 , Jens Vischer
I don't think that there is noticeable pollution in this end-of-the-world region.
I guess that what we see is sand, presumably also eroded by the wind from the nearby walls. Namely, close to grassy spots the snow is remarkably cleaner:
Under the rocks,on the other hand, it is always very dirty.
Here you find a closeup of the snowfields below those that you are mentioning:
Here is the larger snowfield that I found, on the other side:
Here is the snowfield behind the two Kolatas:
2013/10/30 14:34 , Pedrotti Alberto
Also for me interesting. LG Jan.
2013/10/30 20:13 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Great work Alberto ... and very interesting for me too, thx! Tanti saluti Hans-Jörg
2013/10/30 21:48 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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