Gramvoussa, one instant before   32925
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1 Gulf of Kissamos
2 Point 234
3 Geroskinos
4 Balos
5 Pontikonissi
6 Imeri Gramvoussa
7 Antikythira
8 Agria Gramvoussa
9 Cape Vouxa


Location: Point 234 (234 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 08-07-2011
As in my previous post, this is a variation on an old theme.
This time the theme is N.7934: almost everything is the same, the only difference being that here the photographer is a few minutes younger...
Yes, if one is willing to scrutinize, there is another difference: namely, in those few minutes the light changed so dramatically like I never saw elsewhere.
Two days later Gramvoussa offered an even more striking sunset, but unfortunately I did not have the wisdom to prepare myself at a suitable panoramic point.


Hard to say which picture is to be prefered.
2013/07/14 09:23 , Christoph Seger
2013/07/15 09:11 , Christian Hönig
Ist das schön!!!
2018/11/04 13:09 , Walter Schmidt

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Pedrotti Alberto

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