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Location: Iran-Kalaleh-Tanghrah (470 m)      by: Sj Jamali
Area: Iran, Islamic Republic Of      Date:
Visionary perspective of Tanghrah region (Gholestan Province)


I would love to see such forgotten places of nature some day. KR Jan.
2013/05/02 22:59 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
hi jan! We look forward to your presence in Iran.
2013/05/03 05:07 , Sj Jamali
Fantastic landscape, but maybe the color saturation is a bit too strong.

Jörg E.
2013/05/03 07:54 , Jörg Engelhardt
I did not expect that much green in Iran, seems to be too far away for us Europeans (in many different means...). Regarding the technical aspect I agree with Jörg.
2013/05/03 08:44 , Jens Vischer
Very interesting!
I would also be pleased to see the picture with less saturation and more natural colours. This should be done in few seconds.
Is the Gorgan wall far from here?
2013/05/03 12:20 , Pedrotti Alberto
hi pedrotti! Thank you for useful comments. It is interesting that you are aware of Historic Wall of Gorgan! Gorgan wall is 150 km far from here.
2013/05/03 17:16 , Sj Jamali
Despite the saturation being to strong for our (European) taste, I throw in the first 4-stars. This picture is in such stark contrast to anything we (Europeans) have in mind if we think of the desert governed Iran, that we easily forget about the trans-Elburs provinces like Golestan.
Kind regards Christoph
2013/05/05 12:07 , Christoph Seger
hello and gratitude. I have to say unfortunately our country is under the negative advertisements. I am really pleased of your kindness
2013/06/07 12:31 , Sj Jamali

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