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Location: Hampi from Matunga hill      by: Michail Korovjev
Area: India      Date:


Thank you for the reaload. What a scenery, I think that is what we know in German as "Wollsack-Verwitterung". Can you add some informations about the location.
Kind regards Christoph
2013/04/12 09:23 , Christoph Seger
What an impressive view, this is indeed much better now than your first version, just too bad for the one unsharp picture in the right half. And as Christoph mentioned before, it would be very good if you could add more information to your picture.
2013/04/12 15:11 , Jens Vischer
A find this a most stunning and interesting view. Apart from the sharpness problem, it seems to be a very well crafted panorama in terms of stitching, exposure and colour! Cheers from Canada, Augustin
2013/04/13 04:51 , Augustin Werner
Greatly improved compared to the first uploaded - what a pity for the lack of sharpness in the original pictures. The scenery with the temples and the boulders is fascinating. Cheers, Martin
2013/04/13 16:34 , Martin Kraus

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Michail Korovjev

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