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1 Comet Pan Starrs
2 Boathouses In Lofoten
3 Delp, Laukvik Boathouses
4 Aurora Borealis
5 Lofoten


Location: Laukvik,Lofoten, Norway (4 m)      by: June Grønseth
Area: Norway      Date: 20.03.2013
Pan of three images. 16 mm, f 4.0, 30 sec. ISO 1000.
This evening we finally got clear skies. I was going to capture Pan Starrs, and also got company of Aurora Borealis


Hey June, welcome to this great website!

Your pictures look fantastic, I am curious to see more from the Lofoten and Norway. Maybe you could erase the letters that lead to your website and I think you need to check the coordinates.

Regards, Jens
2013/03/27 10:32 , Jens Vischer
Thanks Jens! 
Thank you for welcoming me. Do you mean that I cant have the text on my pictures that i post here? As far as I can figure out the coordinates is correct, but I will check it.
Best regards, June
2013/03/28 08:26 , June Grønseth
Hey June,
I like that picture with the symetric aurora - very nice! The colours of mountains and lights on the horizon are beautiful.
It's a pity that panstarr is hard to recognize as a comet, even though you marked it.

Regarding your watermark: it's not very usual on this website to add a watermark. In my opinion it disturbes the picture. If you really want to mention your website you might add the link to your description text - some people do that by occasion. Anyway - you have mentioned your website in your profile already and thats a good place for this kind of information.
BUT - I tried to open the site (copied the link from your profile) and it does not open ("server not found"). So - if ever you publish a link, it should work!

2013/03/28 09:12 , Johannes Fischer
It seems that you have switched the coordinates, currently the picture is located in the Arabian Sea ;)
2013/03/28 09:16 , Jens Vischer
Sorry about mixing up the degrees.. no Auroras cand be found in the arabic sea. I choose and prefer to label my pictures due to the fact that it is my copyright. And the website will be up and going in s short time...
WBR June
2013/03/28 11:02 , June Grønseth

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June Grønseth

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