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1 Festkogl (3038m)
2 Granatenkogl (3318m)
3 Hochfirst (3405m)
4 Gaisbergtal
5 Liebenerspitze (3400m)
6 Kirchenkogl (3280m)
7 Scheiberkogl (3133m)
8 Rotmoostal
9 Hinterer Seelenkogl (3470m)
10 Hangerer (3020m)
11 Hohe Mut (2670m)


Location: Summit of the Hohe Mut, Obergurgl, Otztal (2670 m)      by: Paul Chater
Area: Austria      Date: 23.08.2012
A 360 view from near the summit of the Hohe Mut, this is where it meets the ridge between Gaisbergtal and Rotmoostal.
Obergurgl is a ski area which I have enjoyed visiting many times for over 30 years. This year we returned in the summer and was ashonish by the rapid thaw of the surrounding glaciers. We sat and enjoyed the view, but listening to loud roar of the melt waters from the waterfalls and in the rivers below, confirms the world is changing fast.

Canon 7D 18-200mm len 1/200 f22 ISO100


Nice panorama, but this is one for the sister site alpen-panoramen.de. Cheers, Martin
2012/10/25 18:58 , Martin Kraus
Very well done! You can of course present the picture here, but you would gain much more attention at a.-p.
kind regards Christoph
2012/10/25 23:07 , Christoph Seger

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Paul Chater

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