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Location: Romazzino, Sardinia      by: Marco Nipoti
Area: Italy      Date: 14.06.2011
Indeed a VIP least taking a look to villas and boats.
Anyway much worse, in my opinion, than isolated and quieter bays nearby.


Hello Marco, a beautiful motive with amazing crystal clear water that I would like to review with four stars. But unfortunately the sea is running out :-( and the area around the boat and pier have an unsightly Stitch-error. Maybe you can reload after the revision. Greetings Werner
2012/07/24 18:58 , Werner Schelberger
Thanks Werner, I fixed the stitch error and tried to straighten the sea horizon
2012/07/25 18:16 , Marco Nipoti
Really lovely place Marco! Cari saluti Seb
2012/07/25 19:57 , Sebastian Becher

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Marco Nipoti

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