The Eagle Eye, St. Ilia Peak, Bulgaria   33373
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Location: The Eagle Eye, St. Ilia Peak, Bulgaria (999 m)      by: Peter Sabev
Area: Bulgaria      Date: 23 June 2012
A view from the St. Ilia Peak


An interesting and beautiful landscape. You could have left out part of the sky and included more of the valleys. I would be glad to see more of the Bulgarian mountains, especially Pirin and Rila. Kind regards Wilfried
2012/06/27 11:21 , Wilfried Malz
Nice landscape. Please could You label something? With kind regards, Fried
2012/06/27 17:04 , Friedemann Dittrich
Welcome ... 
... here on, nice landscape.
2012/07/06 21:01 , Danko Rihter

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Peter Sabev

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