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Location: IRAN - NATANZ      by: Ali Khoshjam
Area: Iran, Islamic Republic Of      Date: 2012


Dear Ali 
the beautiful mosque of Natanz has been perfectly catpured by you. Standing in front of it some years ago, I found it hard to get the right viewpoint to capture its beauty.
kind regards Christoph
2012/04/14 17:02 , Christoph Seger
Thank you Christoph .
2012/04/17 22:38 , Ali Khoshjam
سلام . ای کاش درخت جلوی سوژه اصلی را نمی گرفت. در هر حال تصویر عالیه. موفق باشید.
2013/05/02 13:40 , Sj Jamali

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Ali Khoshjam

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