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1 Aradena gorge
2 Zaranokefala, 2099
3 Thodorl, 2350
4 Anopoli
5 Dochti, 2149
6 Ammoutsera valley
7 Road to Ammoutsera
8 Road to Mouri
9 Anopoli, first houses


Location: Agia Ekaterini (700 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 18-07-2011
This is the title of a Cretan song saying "Stars, forgive me if during the night I sing".
A recommended version is
Here I had unfolded the sleeping bag outside the little church of Agia Ekaterini,, which lies at a superb panoramic spot on the ridge hiding the plain of Anopolis from the sight of the Mediterranean.
Of course the more spectacular view was that on the sea 700 m below, with the moon, the perfectly semicircular harbour of Loutro, and the dim, far light of Gavdos, which is the southernmost piece of land in Europe:
But I avoided to take a panorama on that side, thinking at the painful task of stitching it; as a consolation prize, I pointed the lens towards the mountainside.
Here, with the few hints provided in the description one should distinguish the dirt road ascending to the hidden Ammoutsera valley - see N.7018.
Now with this pano I think to have shown this mountain group, if not yet from every side, at least with every light!
Nine photos, each one 30 sec, f/8, 42mm, ISO 1600, using the wall as a tripod.
After the first two shots I had some silly hesitation, and I retook the work from scratch. This turned out to be fatal! Namely, while I was redoing the second shot, a bright falling star traversed the sky above Ammoutsera, that is, in the area competing to the fourth. Without the error, we would have also that bright trajectory inside the panorama!
The message was indeed clear: that star had not forgiven me...



2012/04/12 00:08 , Christian Hönig

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Pedrotti Alberto

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