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Location: Erhel Nuur (1800 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Mongolia      Date: 10-08-2011
The photos were taken in the vicinity of a lake which, curiously enough, happens to be already represented on this site. The name of the little salty lake is reported after the book "Mongolia: nomad empire of eternal blue sky", by Carl Robinson. I was not able to find confirmations from other sources. If you google "Erhel Nuur" you find a mere 4-5 items, mostly about a duck which in July 2009 was found to be infected by the H5N1 influenza.
A far wider version is to be found on Panoramio:


Interesting phenomenon in beautiful light. Cheers, Martin
2012/03/03 17:06 , Martin Kraus
2012/03/03 18:39 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Ein Bild eines faszinierenden Naturschauspiels.
Nur der Saum am Bergkamm könnte etwas schwächer sein.
2012/03/04 00:19 , Heinz Höra
2012/03/04 11:33 , Beatrice Zanon
Very nice texture in those clouds and beautiful colours!!
2012/03/04 18:03 , Barcud Revnik

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Pedrotti Alberto

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