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1 Østerbjerg 41 m, 2 km.
2 Ferry to Sejerø.
3 Brokkebjerg 26 m, Sjællands Odde, 25 km.
4 Hulbjerg 29 m, Sjællands Odde, 24 km.
5 Havnebyen, Sjællands Odde, 23 km.
6 Ordrup Næs 15 m, 10 km.
7 Knarbos Klint 25 m, 7 km.
8 Lerbjerg 83 m, 7 km.
9 Rullebjerg 94 m, 7 km.
10 P. 105 m.
11 Vejrhøj 121 m, 6 km.


Location: Harbour of Havnsø. (4 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2011-10-21.
Most people who happen to come by Havnsø as tourists do so in order to take the ferry to Nekselø or Sejerø. Both islands can only be reached from here. As soon as you are at the habour, and if the weather is just fair, this view is granted. By danish conditions it is a quite striking view, and I hope the mountain-loving community here will also like it ;-)

The two main formations are of course Nekselø and Vejrhøj (meaning Weather-top). They look a bit the same superficially and lie close, but they were created by two different glaciers during the last ice age. Nekselø is a lateral moraine from the Great Belt-glacier (see #9421), and is part of the line that show the maximal extend. It continues on sejerø. Nekselø is a small row of hills that are sort of packed together. This gives the impression of the island rising from the sea. Actually the water is very shallow from Nekselø to Havnsø, and you can walk out to it by low tide in a pair of long rubber boots! You don't get that impression from this pano, but if you click the locations button you can see it on the satellite photo.

The island is one of the crown-jewels in danish nature. During the last 50 years it has been de-populated, and since long the whole island has been protected as both a cultural and natural heritage through conservatiion. It is situated in the so-called Great Belt-climate, which is dry and sunny, compared to the rest of Denmark (approx. 500 mm rain/year). The island houses severel relicts, now with a more southeastern distribution, like: Fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina), Oregano (Origanum vulgare), Hügel-Erdbeere (Fragaria viridis) and Common Rockrose (Helianthemum nummularium).

Vejrhøj is one of the highest tops on Sjælland. The "unplugged" hight is 113 m, but with the tumulus on top it comes to 121 m. The prominence seen from here is a rare sight in Denmark. With the tumulus it is in the top 3 of Sjælland. It was made from a narrow glacier advancing from the east, that pushed up an end moraine in the shape of a horse-shoe. From this point you see the front of the horse-shoe, with the two lateral moraines going inland.

I chose to go up on the fence at the pier so I was free from the many boats in the harbour, and to get as much of the far horizon as possible. If nothing else, as to avoid stitching problems. However, two of the pics nearly could not be stitched. Luckily I found an invisible antenna far away on the horizon giving one control-point. I had to put another on with one eye shut and the best of my abilities.

10 pics (RAW), 50 mm, iso-100, f/8, 1/320s, stitched with Hugin, a little GIMP, scaled and sharpened in IrfanView.


Mountains and glaciers in Denmark? This is probably the nearest you get... ;-)

Very impressive as a panorama. Did you stitch the middle part just with the few clouds? Looks difficult, especially as the horizon on sea views is such an exact criteria for precise stitching - much easier to glue together a wavy mountain scenery without anybody recoginzing the errors. Cheers, Martin
2012/02/11 08:33 , Martin Kraus
Beside, as mentioned, the nice stitchwork you tell an interesting story. LG Robert
2012/02/11 09:55 , Robert Viehl
Very, very interesting!
2012/02/11 10:17 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Thank you all. Martin, in the middle it only stitched by two control-points set manually by me. One at an far away antenna just creeping over the horizon, and one point on the sea-horizon set by me as precise as possible. LG Jan.
2012/02/11 10:51 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
I very much like this elaboration - text & pano. HJ
2012/02/11 13:26 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Thanks for the interesting details you give, particularly the botanic ones. KR Wilfried
2012/02/11 17:18 , Wilfried Malz
Really like your work! Cheers, Felix
2012/02/11 18:08 , Felix Gadomski
eine schöne maritime Stimmung

2012/02/15 19:19 , Stephan Messner
I also like such far coast-panoramas.
2012/02/16 00:20 , Jörg Braukmann

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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