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1 Modaki, 2225 (Pano 7935)
2 Milos, 755 m, 157 km
3 Svourichti, 2356
4 Paros, 770 m, 220 km
5 Folegandros, 415 m, 166 km
7 Agio Pneuma, 2254
8 Sikinos, 553 m, 182 km
9 Naxos, 1003 m, 234 km
10 Ios, 770, 200 km
11 Sideroportes
12 Mesa Soros, 2345
13 Grias Soros, 2331
14 Santorini, 564 m, 176 km
15 Soros Askyfou, 2213
16 Cretan Sea
17 Roussies
18 Cape Korakias
19 Sternes
20 Almiros Gulf
21 Cape Stavros, 107 km
22 Normal route to Pachnes
23 Kastro, 2218
24 Kakovoli, 2214
25 Psiloritis, 2456
26 Ammoutsera valley
27 Amari valley
28 Kedros, 1777
29 Siderotas, 1162
30 Vouvala, 947
31 Asteroussia, 1231
32 Cape Melisa
33 Nessaras Gulf
34 Troharis, 2410 (Pano 7018)
35 Thodori, 2363


Location: Pachnes (2453 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 23-07-2011
For an introduction to the Lefka Ori, see 7018 and 7935 - the latter pano comes a couple of hours after the present one.
I had reached the top of Pachnes the evening before, right at sunset, but I realized that the wind was too strong to attempt a descent on the ridge to Roussies. Moroever, since darkness was descending, it was better not to attempt the direct - and, for me, unknown - route down to Katsiveli: a very faible track, if any. Hence, I spent the night behind a little stone shelter a dozen of metres from the top.
10 images, zoom 16-85 at 55mm (x1.5), 1/125 sec, f/5.6, ISO 200, hfov=160°


Solo gli iscritti in pp vanno a Creta per andare in montagna e non al mare!
2012/01/22 22:41 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Fascinating to see you had a view of the Cyclades. One week earlier, the view from the Dikti mountains (#8391) was very misty - I must however admit that I was on the summit at noontime and not at sunrise. Sometimes, comfort is punished. Cheers, Martin
2012/01/24 20:05 , Martin Kraus
Be careful, I realized to have seen the Cyclades only when watching the stitched panorama, and only if doing so at a reasonable size ( and with Udeuschle at hand. Many years ago I climbed the summits of Santorini, Ios, Paros and Naxos, I loosely remember their shapes and only with that hint I recognize their silhouettes.
You say that I was lucky with the haze? I don't think so, at least in relation with the violence of the wind. The evening before I had taken some shots literally leaning against the wind, like it were the back of an armchair! This was an incredible experience, and that suggested me to stop there. (It was indeed a pleasant place to stop!)
48 hours before I had slept on the top of Volakias, on the other side of the Samaria gorge. The humidity in the air was so thick that I could not take any decent photo of the SW coast, which is all in sight from that top. That night cost me a high price, since when I returned to the bicycle in Omalos I realized that my sleeping bag had been torn off the backpack. It could be anywhere on the four summits that I had visited during the day: Gingilos I and II, and Volakias I and II. The main difficulty was that beyond Gingilos the tracks are countless (the goats have to be thanked for this). Luckily the sleeping bag had fallen in a narrow spot where several tracks joined... less luckily, this spot was only 20 m below the summit where I slept, such that I joined the bicycle only at 10 pm... right in time to learn that Xyloskalo, after the departure of the last touristic Samaria bus, becomes a dark and empty place; only the next morning I was able to grab some biscuits for breakfast and some feta sandwiches for the next two days on the Lefka Ori...
However, these are only minor stories. As I got to know later, while I was on the ridges looking for the sleeping bag, down in the Samaria gorge a rescue team was looking for a volunteer who had got lost the previous day, and was eventually found dead in an inaccessible place.
Dikti is for the future, I completely lack this mountain. But I am also very curious about the Asteroussia, the steep mountain that should hide wonderful beaches on its abrupt S side.
2012/01/25 16:36 , Pedrotti Alberto

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