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Location: Stuttgart (215 m)      by: Cavalier Jean-Yves
Area: Germany      Date: 14/01/2012
6 pictures 23mm f/5.6 1/30s ISO800 without tripod at Mercedes-Benz Museum.


Hello Jean-Yves. I must admit that the motif isn't my cup of tea, and a little sharper would be great, but I get a very realistic feeling here of turning my head around. Maybe it's because of the lower edge making a circle. Greetings Jan.
2012/01/17 22:41 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
I think it is quite difficult to convey a panoramic feeling inside a building but I think in this case it was done quite succesfully. I guess the grey concrete with the black "road" and the grey/silver cars help and as you said the lower circle giving this "head turn" impression.
So I think is is a really nice panorama.
2012/01/18 09:49 , Barcud Revnik

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Cavalier Jean-Yves

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