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Location: Thomasius-Platz /munich (520 m)      by: Christian Hönig
Area: Germany      Date: 27.05.2007
5 vertikal pictures, Sony- Ericsson Handy. Afther the hail on 27. May 07.


2008/02/17 03:06 , Agostino Zamboni
Thank you Agostino, very wet !-) Like the color of Walter's valuation method.
Regards Christian
2008/07/04 17:56 , Christian Hönig
A cool spontaneous 'event' shot. I also like the very uncommon perspective: from the tram driver's seat.
I wonder why Walter Huber's rating has zero stars and no text at all - is that due to a mistake?
2010/10/26 10:29 , David Von Oheimb

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Christian Hönig

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