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1 Pizzo d' Uccello 1781
2 Monte Pisanino 1946
3 Monte Sagro 1748
4 Monte Tambura 1890
5 Monte Fiocca 1714
6 Monte Altissimo 1589
7 Monte Pania della Croce 1860


Location: Portovenere      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: october 2011
The Alpi Apuane are a mountain range in northern Tuscany, Italy, part of the Apennine Mountains.
Although they belong geographically to the Apennines, are called Alps because they are morphologically very similar to the Alps.
Alpi Apuane distinguish themselves from the near Apennines for their harsh morphology, their deep valleys, and their imposing and very inclined slopes. Apuane are famous for the beauty of their marbles, their deep abysses, and the great cavities of the subsoil characterized by karst phenomena.
The highest peak is the Monte Pisanino (1,946 m).

The pano shows the Apuan Alps photographed from Portovenere (approximately 30 km away). There are 8 photos with Nikon 300 mm (f4, 1/5000 sec).


These mountains have an alpine touch indeed.
2011/11/05 09:56 , Wilfried Malz
So the white Carrara marbles come from here...
2011/11/05 23:38 , Mentor Depret

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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