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Location: Cala Radjad Strand 20m vor Cala Gat (2 m)      by: Christian Hönig
Area: Spain      Date: Oktober 2006
Oder die Sonne und Stille genießen
5 QF-Aufnahmen mit Sony H-2 (überarbeitet 08.02.2010) mit PSE6 Mac


Hello Christian, please put the geographic coordinates to your panos (also on alpen-panoramen.de). It's very easy with the Google maps inclusion on this web site. You just have to pan, zoom, and click! Best regards - Daniel
2007/02/09 14:27 , Daniel Roth
A Man looking at all 
2008/02/17 02:56 , Agostino Zamboni
Thanks Agostino :) 
2008/02/18 12:03 , Christian Hönig

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Christian Hönig

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