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1 Cretan sea
2 Katsiveli hut
3 Anthropolithos, 2098
4 Mavri, 2070
5 Ornio, 2139
6 Svourichti, 2356
7 Grias Soros, 2331
8 Mesa Soros, 2345
9 Psiloritis, 2456
10 Kastro, 2218
11 Kedros, 1777
12 Zouridia, 2200
13 Roussies
14 Sternes, 2335
15 Bournelos, 2362
16 Pachnes, 2453
17 Mavri Gourgoutha, 2435
18 Lybian sea
19 Psiristra, 1935
20 (Samaria gorge)
21 Volakias II
22 Volakias I, 2116
23 (Eligias gorge)
24 Gingilos I, 1980
25 Gingilos II
26 Psilafi, 1984
27 XIloskalo (hidden)
28 Pirou
29 Petrade, 2092
30 Melindaou, 2200 ca
31 Gramvoussa promontory
32 Kissamos gulf
33 Kefala, 2121
34 Rhodopou promontory
35 Chania gulf


Location: Modaki (2225 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 23-07-2011
Modaki is a little but truly nice cone close to the Katsiveli hut. Although barely noticeable from the surrounding summits, it may with right be considered the centre of the Lefka Ori.
I climbed it after a night spent behind a wind-shield made of stones on the top of Pachnes. In that place, against the force of the wind it was hard even to stand, let alone to take shots, even worse if panoramic. By the way, I tried out something, and in some future I will seek the time to check what has come out...
I post the present 360 degree view setting only those names that I am to a certain extent sure to be correct. The description will be refined afterwards, with the help of some experts of the Alpine Club of Chania, who now are very busy with guiding summer tourists.
The topography of those mountains is so tricky that even local connaisseurs need to cooperate in order to achieve a reliable result!
I had learnt the name Modaki just the evening before, from a shepherd in the Katsiveli plain who was refreshing his katsouna (stick) at one of the few sources of the region. Actually, the six people that I met during the two-day trip which brought me from Xyloskalo to Pachnes and Modaki, were all either local shepherds or collectors of herbs for the preparation of Greek tea. At the same time, every morning a crowd of tourists of the order of 1000-1500 units head down from Xiloskalo through the Samaria gorge.
This pano is an obvious companion to 7018.


Fascinating. Seems to be an other, unreal world. Greetings, Udo
2011/07/29 08:30 , Udo Schmidt
2011/07/29 15:11 , Joan Metelli
faszinierend trostlos. LG Leonhard
2011/07/29 22:25 , Leonhard Huber
Interesting to read that you also didn't meet anybody except shepheards in the mountains. When we were in the Dikti mountains in the east of Crete at the same time, we were also totally alone for the entire day, although the area is fairly accessible. Cheers, Martin
2011/08/03 20:15 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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