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1 Lefka Ori
2 Kissamos
3 Column on point 234
4 Geroskinos, 762
5 Path to Phalasarna
6 Balos
7 Tighani, 117
8 Pontikonissi
9 Venetian fortress
10 Imeri Gramvoussa
11 Lighthouse
12 Agria Gramvoussa
13 Cape Vouxa
14 Goats
15 Gramvoussa promontory
16 Cape Spatha
17 Rhodopou promontory
18 Agios Pavlos Rhodopou
19 Gulf of Kissamos


Location: Point 234 m (234 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 08-07-2011
Gramvoussa is the last of the three prominences at the NW edge of the island of Crete.
The first one, Akrotiri, hosting also the Chania airport, is the thickest and comparatively less interesting.
The second one, Rhodopou, is rather wild and can be approached only via a dirt road where it is highly recommended to have a strong bicycle or a 4WD.
Gramvoussa has also a dirt road as an access, but it is fairly shorter and more accessible. Few kms after a building where one is required to pay a symbolic 1-euro fee, the road ends at a parking which is also the start of four paths.
99% of the people take the 20-min path down to the "Caribbean-style" Balos beach, where they mix with the hundreds of people carried by the daily cruises from Kastelli-Kissamos to Balos-Gramvoussa. The remaining 1% divide between a path leading to a cave and one leading to a church with annexed ruins of an ancient temple, the Agneion. 0% follow the wonderful 5 km path to Cape Vouxa. I do not count as a fifth path the highly adventurous 9km track coming from Phalasarna, since it gets lost among the vegetation well before arriving to the Balos zone. It is possible (but not straightforward) to find and to follow it only starting from its Phalasarna end.
The present photograph is taken from a 234m elevation lying aside the Cape Vouxa path, which has to be left maybe 20-25 min from the parking, pointing leftwards to a visible little column.
Two islands very close to the coast bear the name of Gramvoussa. With a curious toponomastic arrangement that is found also in the Alps, we have a mild (Imeri) and a wild (Aghria) Gramvoussa, the former hosting - on the top of its perfectly trapezoidal shape - a Venetian fortress, the latter completely deserted except for the presence of a lighthouse.


Pano molto bella e meravigliosa luce. Ciao Udo
2011/07/28 20:00 , Udo Schmidt
Where is our money ? :-)

Fantastic lightening, this applies particularly the stones on the left and right sides...

Jörg E
2011/07/28 20:15 , Jörg Engelhardt
2011/07/28 20:19 , Beatrice Zanon
The colours are those of the camera, no post processing.
The photos were seven, 1/60 sec, f/4.5, ISO 640, and I had to use the 16-85 right at 16 in order to have at the border of each shot some slice of land for the sake of control points...
2011/07/28 21:54 , Pedrotti Alberto
2011/07/29 20:05 , Werner Schelberger
Fantastic scenery. Looks like we were on Crete at the same time... Cheers, Martin
2011/08/03 20:12 , Martin Kraus
2011/08/08 23:37 , Arne Rönsch

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Pedrotti Alberto

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