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1 Alto de Guajara 2712
2 Roques de Garcia
3 Sombrero de Chasna
4 Roque del Almendro
5 Conde 1001m
6 El Sombrerito
7 Risco de la Magdalena
8 Boca de Tauce
9 Montaña Gangarro


Location: Pico de Teide (3718 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Spain      Date: 3 luglio 2011


Grüße Horst
2011/07/09 11:25 , Horst Helwig
Guiseppe, you convinced me that you were on the summit. But I do not believe that the other panorama was made above 3700 m. There is not such fine rock there above. But the proof is, as highly the Conde between the Almendro and the Sombrerito is represented. Only in a height of 3500 m it appears just as high as the Almendro. From above 3700 m it appears more highly than the Almendro, as here in the panorama. You can test it with the tools
Now I would like to say some more to your panorama. The panorama is incorrectly stitched. In the right part the horizon line drops strongly. The horizon line must be however straight. That concerns also the representation of the other mountains. The Guajara may not lie more deeply than e.g. the Almendro.
2011/07/10 18:06 , Heinz Höra
Heinz, I don't have to prove anything. In this wide shot the Conde's top is in the clouds and its height is not measurabile. That is plain, don't insist.

In this photo there is none incorrect stitching: las canedas is circular and enveloped in the clouds. Look yours photo

It is possible, on the other hand, that the wide shot leans slightly to left.
2011/07/12 00:25 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I could be frequently here, thanks for the memory. The horizon seems only to be somewhat inclined. Best greetings, Christian
2011/07/15 00:10 , Christian Hönig

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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