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Location: Tilibit-n-Terkedid (2897 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Morocco      Date: 29-12-2010
The day after pano 6437.


2011/01/30 21:51 , Michael Strasser
Bitte sage (schreibe) noch etwas... 
zu diesem Pano!
Gruss Walter
2011/02/20 16:54 , Walter Schmidt
I wrote a detailed commentary to the evening version.
In that story, this early-afternoon pano comes after the sentence "where I had to climb up to the plateau". Namely, here I am midway between the margin of the plateau and the refuge. What the photo does not show - since the snow was already transformed and well anchored to the ground - is the terribly strong wind which was sweeping the plateau. In the afternoon wanted to remain outside the refuge, in the sun, but I had to hide myself in the sleeping bag, reading a book from inside there... I emerged from the sleeping bag only later, in order to take a pano of the plateau at sunset. Maybe I will post it some day.
2011/02/23 00:16 , Pedrotti Alberto

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