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Location: Stegen am Ammersee (530 m)      by: Maurice Küsel
Area: Germany      Date: 09.12.2010


Wie immer bei Dir sehr stimmungsvoll. Erstaunlich, wieviele Varianten Du von diesem Ort für uns zauberst. VG Martin
2010/12/12 17:15 , Martin Kraus
sehr idyllisch!
2010/12/12 19:35 , Kathrin Teubl
Und täglich grüßt das Murmeltier 
weil's so schön ist's hier.

LG Christian
2010/12/12 20:18 , Christian Hönig
You are the best 
I gratulate you, You are really the best. I must sometimes someting do. You are certainly the best photographer on www.panorama-photo.net. I do not know, whether you somewhere work, or not. As far as you work, I believe that you certainly criticise your chef. Some people suche as you know all best.
I can you send textbook of czech language for foreigner. Certainly gratis. I expect your evaluate of my math and IT and science knowledges. You are expert. It is in the bag.
"Méně je někdy více". It is czech phrase.
Some people are best. it is typical german morgue. In Czech republic are all wretches.
German nation gave to world the best thinkers like Adolf Hitler or Karl Marx and yourself
2010/12/14 19:05 , Karel Vasicek
Dear Karel, 
I can understand your anger about Maurice's comments about your pictures, but comparism to the people you mentioned is never the right way to deal with it.
Greetings, Robert
2010/12/14 19:12 , Robert Mitschke
Dear Karel,

Excerpt of the Terms of use §4, item 6:

You hereby agree [...] not to use panorama-photo.net for pornographic or racist content or material which may be harmful to minors, conveys ideas of national socialism, glorifies violence etc.


By the way: Great pano from Maurice...
2010/12/14 22:21 , Jörg Engelhardt
kannst Du bitte den term of use benennen, den Karel Deiner Meinung nach mißachtet hat.
2010/12/14 23:40 , Heinz Höra
spitzenmäßiges Panorama, einem Maler absolut würdig! Der Schnitt mit dem ins Bild führenden Steg ist überragend! LG Seb
2010/12/15 15:43 , Sebastian Becher

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