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1 Tacora, 5988)
2 Chilean side
3 Pomerape, 6282
4 Difficult step?
5 Mururata, 5890, 230 km
6 Illimani, 6438, 222 km
7 Anallajchi, 5800
8 Laguna Huayna Chota, 4400
9 Estancia Tomarapi, 4300
10 Termas de agua caliente
11 Penitentes
12 Sajama, 6542
13 Pueblo Sajama, 4250


Location: Volcan Parinacota (6000 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Bolivia      Date: 20-08-2009
From an afternoon reconnaissance on the NE flanks of Volcan Parinacota.

Larger: https://goo.gl/EZS1NL


fantastic, Alberto, Thank you for sharing! 
2010/12/02 04:06 , Augustin Werner
Facinating landscape. The colours and the composition of the picture are very impressive. Congratulation to this high summit!

2010/12/02 08:33 , Jochen Gerlach
Actually, I don't like very much the position of the Pomerape right at the center of the picture - and the presence of the Sajama seems not to be strong enough in order to break the symmetry... However, it seemed to me a pity to sacrifice part of the penitentes field, which is the striking feature of the place.
Maybe next week I will load a view of Lake Chungarà, on the Chilean side, taken from the summit crater.
2010/12/02 10:07 , Pedrotti Alberto
Great ;-)

LG Hans
2010/12/02 11:16 , Johann Ilmberger
Sehr belebend... 
Deine exotischen Panoramen.
Ich erlebe das "Wie von einem anderen Stern"!
Gruss walter
2010/12/02 11:23 , Walter Schmidt
Great combination of the weird snow shapes in the foreground and the dominant volcano in the center.
2010/12/02 19:55 , Martin Kraus
really fascinating!!
2010/12/02 22:36 , Michael Strasser
Grandiose landscape, well presentet. In my opinion here symmetrie is not stringent necessary.
2010/12/04 16:51 , Jörg Braukmann
fünf Sterne!
2013/05/15 16:43 , Winfried Borlinghaus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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