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Location: Vallée Blanche, Uchisar-Cavusin (1400 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Turkey      Date: 05-08-2008
The title calls for a mistake: I mean, a photograph which should perhaps go under Alpen Panoramen... No, this is not the familiar spot on the Mont Blanc; we are in Cappadocia, central Turkey, instead. However, it makes sense to use a French name since the vast majority of people living in the nearby settlements of Uchisar and Cavusin are actually Frenchmen who chose to permanently move here, establishing themselves in the typical houses carved in the rock.
(To be more precise, in Uchisar there is also an Italian, albeit a single one: his name is Enrico Radrizzani and here is his site:
In Cappadocia there are no mountains to climb, only undergroud churches and cities to visit, and valleys, like this one, to walk through. Hence, instead of parking the bicycle and to climb up, as usual, you lean it somewhere like this: and you start climbing down...
Three pictures, Canon Powershot G7, f/8.0, 1/250, focal length 7.4, ISO 80.


Pedrotti Alberto

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