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Location: Hoofddorp      by: Rudi Havenga
Area: Netherlands      Date:


Is it the same Panorama I already commented on? 
Still unfortunately small (height), but beautiful interplay of trees, sunlight & shade! I agree with Christian Hoenig
2010/04/16 02:17 , Augustin Werner
The same, yes 
It is sized at the maximum allowed height of 500 pixels. It really is a stunning picture if it is viewed in a better resolution.

Thanks for the comment
2010/05/10 22:04 , Rudi Havenga
It´s really good, your panorama Rudy. I like the sun between the trees.

best regards from gerhard.
2010/05/10 22:47 , Gerhard Eidenberger

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Rudi Havenga

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