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Aufnahmestandort: Penacova-Portugal (455 m)      Fotografiert von: Miguel Peixeiro
Gebiet: Portugal      Datum: 10.03.2010
17 photos,16mm,f11,raw,tripod,uv+polz+cokin p121 filters used
...i d´nt know why,but the file(all my) when load to this site the image are corrupt,plz someone of staff can explain why?


Muito Bonito! 
11.03.2010 03:55 , Augustin Werner
nice to see a new Pano after a long time.. and a good one! greetz Seb
11.03.2010 20:49 , Sebastian Becher
... a very nice picture, but where are Don Quichote and "Rosinante" ???
12.03.2010 11:04 , Robert Schmidt
Welcome Back, 
Miguel with a very nice panorama. I like it.

Best regards fr. Gerhard.
13.03.2010 00:44 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Great view, but in my eyes the colours are too flashy. It seems a bit unnatural.
13.03.2010 23:55 , Jörg Braukmann
to Jörg Braukmann 
...i think your right,i don´t know what happen in resize! It´s done now.
15.03.2010 00:19 , Miguel Peixeiro
Did you modify it again?
Are filters 'real' like in the days before digital photography or is it 'just' software? - North View is fine as well but, I personally like this one much better!

16.03.2010 02:18 , Augustin Werner

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Miguel Peixeiro

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