360 degrees in Prato della Valle - Padova   27094
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1 Local agricoltural productions Open Market
2 Statua (statue): 86: Albertino Papafava: provveditore alla SanitÓ.
3 Statua (Statue): 85: Andrea Briosco: scultore padovano
4 Isola Memmia (Memmia isle)
5 Basilica del Santo (Santo's Basilica)
6 Statua: 84: Marino Cavalli: riformatore dello Studio
7 Statua: 83: Antonio Savonarola: condottiero padovano
8 mercatino settimanale (weekly open marcket)
9 Statua: 82: Gerolamo Liorsi: filosofo, lettore all'UniversitÓ
10 Statua: 81: Francesco Morosini doge di Venezia
11 Statua: 80: Rainiero Vasco: capitano veneziano
12 Campo sportivo 'storico' di Rugby Petrarca Padova
13 Basilica di Santa Giustina


Location: Isola Memmia - Prato della Valle - Padova - Italy (20 m)      by: Daniele ceccato Daniele1357
Area: Italy      Date: 14/11/2009
Canon 500D - Sigma 10-20 F4/5.6 - Tripod Manfrotto 190xprob, head 802RC4 + handmade apparatus for Nodal Point position adjustment.

Not a wonderful day, but the photo is a trial to make a panorama photo with objects very near to the camera.
I corrected the Nodal Point position in order to get the best alignment possible.
This are 16 photos, 2 rows 8 photos each.
The focal length used is 10mm on APSc format.

A third lower row was excluded from the stitching because it generate three errors. This is due to the Nodal Point bad alignment. In fact my handmade apparatus must be used for one horizontal row, if I tilt the head vertically the Nodal Point will be no more in the correct position.
In case of this photo it look like the second row was not so difficult to be aligned, but only because it contain few details (almost only sky and trees).


I like it. LG Robert
2009/11/14 20:00 , Robert Viehl
...very good,i┤m not yet very well as you to shot on 10mm,i have more experience in 14mm,but you show that can be possible of course,great panorama.
2009/11/15 23:53 , Miguel Peixeiro

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Daniele ceccato Daniele1357

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