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Location: Campo San Boldo - San Polo - Venezia      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Italy      Date: 31.1.2024


I like your scenes from Venice, but I would be happy if you would revert to a presentation with proper titles and descriptions. Yes, resonance is sometimes poor on AP and PP these days, but this affects all of us and is nothing personal. Cheers, Martin
2024/03/05 19:06 , Martin Kraus
I don't care too much about the resonance or how much appreciation my photos receive in this site. It's not so unusual that some panoramas are honored with undeserved consideration, just as the opposite frequently happens, that some noteworthy panoramas are inexplicably neglected - in both cases for non-photographic reasons, while the technical-aesthetic criteria should be the only yardstick. The photos should speak for themselves.
2024/03/08 09:00 , Alvise Bonaldo
Atmosfera incredibile.
Mi chiedevo se ci fosse una parentela con Passo San Boldo, o se la trasformazione Ubaldo -> Boldo dalle vostre parti è di routine.
2024/03/08 19:37 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Alvise Bonaldo

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