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Location: Campo de l'Abbazia (Santa Maria Valverde) - Cannaregio - Venezia (2 m)      by: Alvise Bonaldo
Area: Italy      Date: 12.2.2024


Mir gefällt Venedig in den Wintermonaten. Kein Trubel, nur wenig Touristen. Der Karneval fand wohl an anderen Orten der Stadt statt.

In den Bohlen der Brücke fand sich dein Stitcher wohl nicht ganz zurecht. Tut dem Bild aber meines Erachtens keinen Abbruch.

2024/02/19 13:43 , Dieter Leimkötter
In deiner Venedig-Serie sieht es dort so still und ruhig aus. Meist sehe ich Bilder von dort mit sehr vielen Menschen, vor allem Touristen.
2024/02/21 18:59 , Jochen Haude
This is Venezia. 
Or, better to say, this SHOULD be Venezia. Not the Thomas Mann's one. Not the Casanova's one. Not Venezia of gondoliers, taxi drivers or sellers of Chinese junk and masks. This Venezia is almost invisible, or - better to say - becomes visible only to real Venetians; to those who see with the eyes of the heart.
It's really sad to say, but now the problem is reduced to its most basic terms: either the Venetians or the tourists. There is no middle ground. Tertium non datur. And given that, on any normal summer day (but now, unfortunately, all year round), there are twice or even three times the number of tourists compared to residents, and day after day its citizens become fewer and fewer, the outcome of the battle is obvious.
It's time to tell the truth: Venetians have had enough of tourists - of any kind of tourists.
In these conditions Venezia is no longer a city, not anymore. Without its inhabitants Venezia is only archaeology.
Please don't come to Venezia anymore. Let Venezia rest in peace, let Venezia die in peace together with its citizens. And when we are all dead then you too can come and admire its remains, its astonishing stone corpse.
2024/02/22 09:22 , Alvise Bonaldo

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