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1 Kohut
2 Zeleznik - 818 m
3 Michalova - 879 m
4 Krizna Polana - 1018 m
5 Trstie - 1121 m
6 Ostra
7 Sajba - 1075 m
8 Sarkanica
9 Vysni Kostelec
10 Poludnica
11 Klak - 1409 m


Location: Ciganka (935 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 01.05.2023
Cigánka (935 m) - a peak on the Muranska planina plateau in Slovakia. It rises on the northern side of the village of Muran, in the ridge separating the valleys of the Muran; River and the stream called Dolinský potok.
The Cigánki massif is made of Triassic dolomites and limestone.All slopes are covered with forest, but the top parts are rocky. In some places they are hit by high walls. Formerly there was a Muran Castle (Muranský hrad). It is the third highest castle above sea level in Slovakia. Only ruins remain. They are open to the public.


I really like how the green of the trees slowly creeps up the mountains.
2023/05/04 19:44 , Matthias Matthey
Nice colours!
Cheers Danko
2023/05/27 10:59 , Danko Rihter

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Konrad Sus


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