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1 Jabal Abu Bidun
2 Gebel al Falig
3 Jabal Umm Kibash
4 Gebel Umm Anab
5 Jabal Umm Imab


Location: near Hurghada (300 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Egypt      Date: 06.01.2023


Beautiful desert view. Some labels would be nice.
2023/03/05 18:21 , Jochen Haude
Not too many, internet doesn`t know names of these peaks
2023/03/05 19:12 , Konrad Sus
Except for the left part with the sand, the view over the mountain tops doesn't differ too much between the Alps and the Sahara. What about trekking paths there?
2023/03/05 22:18 , Matthias Matthey
I didn`t walk there, only fast jump to some hills during the safari ride, but I found in the net more informations here - https://www.redseamountaintrail.org/hike-the-trail, you can`t go there on you own, to organise a hike, should contact the tribal organisation.
2023/03/06 17:27 , Konrad Sus
Fast erschreckend und doch wunderschön.
2023/03/06 17:44 , Arjan Veldhuis
I love this kind of landscape. Cheers, Martin
2023/03/14 20:27 , Martin Kraus
Beautiful colours in the sand and rocks. LG Jan.
2023/03/18 13:36 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Konrad Sus


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