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Location: Paramin (550 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Trinidad And Tobago      Date: 10 June 2022
It was a short walk from our rental cabin to the Paramin Lookout, between rainshowers. At an Altitude of 600 or so meters above Sea level, Paramin is a bit cooler than the lowlands, but still hot enough to make me sweat considerably in the damp.

No fancy light, no fancy long distance view, but I still enjoyed the views from the little road.

By the way, this part didn't remind me of Appenzell, but rather of the highlands in Ecuador, which I had visited in 1994.


Wie waren denn dort die Temperaturen ?
Ich kenne die "Regenzeit" aus Südindien - da kann es mit 25° schon mal "frischer" werden.
2022/09/29 18:41 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Berechtigte Frage von HJB... gemessen am Sommer 2022 in Europa war ist wohl gar nicht so heiss... - um die 30 Grad glaube ich, und nachts vielleicht so 25 Grad.
2022/10/01 01:02 , Augustin Werner

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Augustin Werner

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