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1 Patroklos Island
2 Monument to the fallen of Oria
3 Kasidiara, 231m
4 Profitis Ilias (Church of the prophet Elijah)
5 Vigla, 260m
6 Makronisos Island


Location: Cape Sounion      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Greece      Date: May 2014
The Temple of Poseidon and Cape Sounion are a place of incredible beauty, especially for those who love history and literature.


Wonderful, Giuseppe !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2022/07/08 09:51 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thank you. Even though I was near, I haven't been there yet. Something for the next trip. Cheers, Martin
2022/07/08 20:26 , Martin Kraus
Großartiger Bildaufbau. Sehr klare Farben.

Bei dem roten Seil am Pfosten vor der Tempelruine hätte ich den Stempel verwendet (oder es für die Dauer der Aufnahmen entfernt)

2022/07/12 14:22 , Dieter Leimkötter
@Dieter: would have been better. Considering the beauty of the place, that fence was really bad, but I prefer to leave things as they really were.
2022/07/12 15:09 , Giuseppe Marzulli
It's not always easy to combine such architectural treasures with the surrounding landscape into an attractive Pano. I find this great.
2022/07/14 03:14 , Augustin Werner
Epic view with the temple in the forefront. BR Jan.
2022/07/18 22:10 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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