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1 Direction Chiquián
2 (Paso Mojón, 4320)
3 Cerro Toca, 4340
4 Raju Cutac, 5355
5 4803
6 (Yanashalla)
7 4611
8 4650
9 Rondoy, 5870
10 Jirishanca, 6094
11 Yerupaja Chico, 6121
12 Yerupaja, 6634
13 Direction Llamac


Location: Little below Chiquián (3261 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Peru      Date: 29-07-2019
Chiquián, a large village / small town between Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash, lies in such a privileged place that the locals call it "espejito del cielo", little mirror of the sky.
it is located at 3370 m on a natural shelter on the southern flank of a valley descending from Abra Yanashalla (for now only N. 29448 is available) and joining, lower down, the deep canyon of the Pativilca.
I do not know by which route mass tourism approaches Huayhuash, probably not by this one, since from Paso del Mojón, 4320 m, one has to descend as low as 2600 in the gorge (see also the description of N.26211), before climbing up to Quartelhauan (4170) and eventually Cuncush (4600 m).
So, I feel privileged to have enjoyed the view of Chiquián all the way down from the Paso del Mojón. But, curiously, I do not have any proper panorama from above. Namely, from each viewpoint I was busy shooting views typically featuring the snows of Huayhuash, with sparkling flowers in the foreground, which are wonderful, but cover the view of Chiquián. Always waiting for "an even better viewpoint", I suddenly found me above the roofs of the village without having collected anything, but... loaded as I was, it was not the case to turn back only because of this!
However, I hope that the present view, taken little below the village (which lies literally "around the corner", behind the ridge on the left side), can somewhat convey the idea of "little mirror of the sky".
Even here, by the way I made a mistake, failing to notice that a tree was hiding the big one, namely, the 6617 m Yerupajá.

Location: -10.15577 -77.14545


The terrace landuse gives the slopes a funny wrinkled character. BR Jan.
2022/06/06 13:10 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Amazing height differences, fully utilizing the third dimension. Cheers, Martin
2022/06/07 19:15 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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