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1 Lake Ontario
2 Location Pano 9780


Location: Lynde Shores, Whitby, ON (75 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Canada      Date: 01.02.2021
(Belated) Happy New Year from the Toronto Region.

New Year's walk along Lake Ontario at Lynde Shores in nearby Whitby. Without Martin Kraus excellent panoramas from Whitby, England, I might not even have known that there is another, perhaps more interesting and certain more historic Whitby somewhere.

The waterfront is quite interesting in this area. There is a sort of a shallow lagoon, which was already frozen with ice strong enough to support kids. Just a few years ago there were many trees standing here, all of which have been flattened since. By nature, I suppose.

My Pano 10826 was photographed probably less than 50m away from this spot in 2012. Pano 9780, also from 2012 was captured maybe 250m away.

Things have been fairly quiet here, with soft lockdown due Covid. Working from home means that processing panoramas needs to take place at the same desk and computer screen as the long office days. That's one reason why I haven't been 'busier' creating and posting panoramas lately.

~25 portrait shaped captures with Oly 14-15mm at 27mm ~ 54KB.

Lightroom 5.7 & PTGui


A Happy and Optimistic New Year :-)
2021/01/10 22:30 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Great for a walk ! But the area looks quite sprawling on the map.
2021/01/11 18:21 , Steffen Minack
Great scenery. Happy New Year to you as well.
Regarding your comment on Home Office: Same here - would actually offer the opportunity to stitch panoramas during boring meetings, if only the high CPU and memory usage of the stitcher wouldn't regularly kill Webex / Teams / Zoom...
Cheers, Martin
2021/01/11 19:47 , Martin Kraus
Thank you very much, guys.

@ Martin. Arbeit & Hobby sind zwei verschieden Computer, aber ich brauche den selben Monitor. Viele langeweilige Meetings habe ich nicht (:-)
2021/01/12 05:17 , Augustin Werner

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Augustin Werner

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