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1 Highway 35
2 Highway 35


Location: Minden, ON (310 m)      by: Augustin Werner
Area: Canada      Date: 03. October 2020
Somehow I believe I'm supposed to show Indian Summer images from Ontario, especially this time of the year. And then I feel bad because I have shown at best a handful of classic fall colour panos over the past ten years.

So here's a pretty fresh one from a 'country drive' about two hours north last weekend.
The weather wasn't the best.
However, it could be that I find it easier to see colours on a moderately overcast day as opposed to a bright sunny day.
I expect that some Betrachter will feel my pano is showing 'too much road'.

Perhaps an opportunity to use some fancy 2nd hand equipment that I bought mostly with sports photography in mind and have hardly used because those sports events haven't happend amid Covid 19 restrictions.

Olympus OMD em1 ii with Oly 40-150mm F/2.8 at 40mm (80mm KB)
~25 captures in portrait orientation
Lightroom 5.7 / PTGui


Cool lens ;-) As long as it's not broken, I still prefer my lightweiht 40-150 150g plastic part.
The roadside is integrated very well. Very nice areass you have there....
Cheers, Martin
2020/10/09 21:24 , Martin Kraus
@ Martin, to balance the bulky lens, I had to bulk up the camera body as well (;-)
2020/10/16 04:04 , Augustin Werner

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Augustin Werner

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