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1 Monte Sillara, 1861m
2 Monte Losanna, 1856m
3 Monte Bocco, 1790m
4 Forte Bastia
5 Passo del Lagastrello, 1198m
6 Vezzano Ligure
7 Monte Acuto, 1759m
8 Punta Buffenaro, 1882m
9 Alpe di Succiso, 2016m
10 Marola
12 Passo del Cerreto, 1261m
13 Monte La Nuda, 1893m
14 Centrale termo-elettrica di La Spezia
15 Diga di Cadimare
16 Cima Belfiore, 1811m
17 Monte Cusna, 2121m
18 Monte La Piella, 2078m
19 Monte Prado, 2054m
20 Fosdinovo (Castello Malaspina)
21 Forte Canarbino
22 (Forte Bastione - pano 27716)
23 Pizzo d'Uccello, 181m
24 Monte Pisanino, 1947m
25 Monte Sagro, 1748m
27 Monte Tambura, 1890m


Location: Campiglia      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 1 September 2020
One of the most evocative places in the Gulf of La Spezia is certainly Campiglia. Campiglia is the highest fraction of the municipality of La Spezia, located about 400 meters above sea level, on the hilly ridge that encloses the Gulf of La Spezia to the west.
Numerous paths depart from Campiglia from which you can go in search of panoramic points. In theory there are endless viewpoints, but, as often happens, in practice things are different.


Nice view through green mountain window down to the golfo, Giuseppe!
2020/09/13 12:07 , Peter Brandt
One time I want to climb these mountains in the background. Cheers, Martin
2020/09/13 21:33 , Martin Kraus
Marvelous panorama, fine framing and a wonderful counter view to my recently presented panorama of the trip and overnight stay in Campocecina!!

Un caro saluto, Hans-Jörg
2020/09/13 23:23 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
If it weren't for the big ships and port facilities, you might think you're seeing an idyllic alpine lake here
2020/09/22 14:40 , Jörg Braukmann

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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