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1 Mincol
2 Hrcova Kecka
3 Lysica
4 Velky Choc
5 Osnica
6 Kecky
7 Sip
8 Smrekovica
9 Kopa
10 Rakytov
11 Cierny Kamien
12 Ostredok
13 Stoh
14 Velky Rozsutec
15 Baraniarky
16 Sokolie
17 Boboty
18 Ladonhora


Location: Velky Rozsutec (1600 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 27.07.2020
On Monday I started going to Alps, but on the way I didn`t felt well. Being near Mala Fatra I decided to hike to Rozsutec and back home.


Quite a nice replacement, seems you recovered quickly with this view.
2020/07/31 08:02 , Jens Vischer
Very nice.
My respect, hiking to the Rozsutec would be nothing for me when feeling not so well...
2020/07/31 14:14 , Steffen Minack
Why go the far way to the Alps if you have this much nearer? Cheers, Martin
2020/08/02 19:56 , Martin Kraus

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Konrad Sus


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